Silox S.A.

Silox S.A. of Belgium is a joint venture between Prayon Group and Cybelle S.A. of Belgium and has a global presence with manufacturing locations in Europe, North America and Asia. Silox has exceptional expertise in high performance ‘Active’ and other Zinc Oxide grades, SHS, Anti –Corrosion pigments & Hydrometallurgical business operations.

Silox India Pvt. Ltd.

Silox India Private Limited of India has experience spanning more than 5 decades in manufacturing Inorganic Chemicals. The company began their operations in the sixties with the production of Transparent Acrylic Sheets, from which it was christened, and later diversified into Phosphoric chemicals. Eventually, Zinc, Sulphur and Chlorine based chemicals became its core chemistry. In 2001, its Zinc and Sulphur based chemicals were hived off as a separate business unit in which Silox S.A. of Belgium acquired a majority stake.

Silox India Private Limited

Silox India Private Limited leverages the qualities and strengths of Silox Group into a collective vision that incorporates high standards in manufacturing and distribution, harnessing human capital, ethical business practices, contemporary environment, health and safety initiatives, commitment towards corporate social responsibility etc. The company has attained a dominant presence in the Indian and Global markets through continual innovation as well as contemporary technology. The company has achieved a definitive edge over competitors and created value for stakeholders, emerging as the largest producer of Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate (SafoliteTM) and Zinc Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate (SafolinTM) in the world. It is the only producer in the world with capability to manufacture Sodium Hydrosulphite through dual routes i.e. Zinc route and Sodium Formate route. The company is also equipped with an integrated zinc chain through which it manufactures products like Zinc Dust, Zinc Oxide and Zinc Derivates such as Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Carbonate, Zinc Active and Zinc Oxide HSA.

The Journey

Silox India Private Limited began its journey in 2001.The joint venture drew its legacy from –

  • Silox India, part of highly successful Shroff Group of chemical companies in India, with proven capabilities of developing technology to manufacture import substitutes at the lab scale and translating the same to commercial levels; and,
  • Silox SA, Belgium, which specializes in mineral chemistry and is a leading European Manufacturer of Specialty Chemicals .

Through the journey of unwavering commitment to excellence, SIPL stands tall today as the Leader in Zinc and Sulphur based chemicals, serving domestic and global customers. It caters to the discerning requirements of sectors like Tyres, Textiles, Polymer, Pharmaceuticals, Paper, Chemical Intermediates, Ceramic and Paints. SIPL caters to the demand of both Global MNCs as well as the small customers spread across various end use segments. Nearly 35% of our production is exported to 55 countries spread over 5 continents.

SIPL is the largest producer of Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate ( Safolite ™ ) and Zinc Formadehyde Sulphoxydate ( Safolin ™ ) in the world. It is the only producer in the world with dual capability to manufacture Sodium Hydrosulphite through two routes i.e Zinc route and Sodium Formate. SIPL has an imtegrated Zinc Chain to manufacture Zinc Dust, Zinc Oxide and Zinc Derivatives – an unrivalled edge in terms of process, quality & scale.

The Back-End Capabilities

SIPL has manufacturing sites at three locations in India – Atladra, Ekalbara and Silvassa. All manufacturing sites are ISO 9001:20081 4001: 2004 and OHSAS certified. The R & D Centre at Atladra gives Silox India strategic edge to discover new products, processes and applications. The Quality Assurance Laboratory ay Atladra is NABL accredited.


Silox India team members exhibit strong domain knowledge and have great insight into the company business. Over the years, SIPL has cherished and imbibed the following values :

  • Passion to Succeed
  • Customer Centricity
  • Strategic Acumen
  • Speed & Agility
  • Performance Rigour
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Collaboration
  • Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)
  • Commitment

These values form the quintessential DNA of a Silox India Leader.

The Invitation

Silox India is hiring professionals with shared values & goals. They should have a successful track record built on the strong foundation of ethics and excellence. As an Employer Value Proposition, SIPL offers :

  • Strong and Consistent business performance
  • Culture of Empowerment and Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ethical practices & Dignity
  • Organization-wide Strategic Initiatives
  • Performance & Merit based Rewards
  • Respected Corporate Citizenship

We invite you to explore the world of Silox India!